Man accused in carjacking, robbery of grandmothers has criminal history

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The story of the two grandmothers carjacked, abducted, and robbed from a Detroit casino was stunning as is. But now, we've learned more about the man suspected in the crime and it's even more troubling.

Janet Dupree and her sister, Beverly Hill, were robbed, abducted, and carjacked as they were leaving the Motor City Casino last week.

"I can't talk decent to anybody including my family. I scream at them. My nerves have had it." Janet said. "I have bruises on my right hand because he shoved me into the car. Hit my knee because I wasn't moving fast enough for him and he put a gun to my side,"

Wayne Darrell Jones of Redford was charged with carjacking the two seniors and arraigned Monday. He's in the Wayne County Jail and being held on a $100,000 bond.

"He can get out and walk free after he's got all of my stuff, my keys, everything, after he gets out of jail? I can't believe it. After he steals a car, throws us in a field, puts a gun to us? It's a disgrace,"

According to court documents, Jones has a slew of traffic violations and has been in trouble with the law for writing bad checks. Police sources also tell Fox 2 that Jones had a $100,000 a year job with U.S. Steel but had a gambling addiction and lost big the night the women were carjacked.

After Jones' arraignment, Beverly told Fox 2 in a statement "the person they have in custody will have more options because he is a criminal than I will as the victim."

Both Beverly and Janet say they are trying to get their lives back in order after the incident at the casino but each day is a struggle. Janet says this crime will prevent her from returning to Detroit.

"I doubt I'll enter the city of Detroit again," Janet said.