Man accused of bludgeoning aunt with dumbbell faces judge

A preliminary hearing was held for 20-year-old Nayir Masrur for killing his aunt Tuesday afternoon.

Accused of bludgeoning his aunt with a dumbbell, the defendent jumped out of a second-story window when police arrived at this house. He was later found hiding on a nearby golf course.

In reccounting what Masrur told her during an interview, Detective Kristina Shuler said he admitted to killing her.

"I literally killed my aunt with a 15-pound weight," the Troy Police Department detective recalls him telling her.

A graduate of Detroit Country Day and student at the University of Michigan, Masrur said he hadn't eaten in three days and had just gotten out of the hospital, but couldn't explain why he killed his aunt.

He did indicate he thought his aunt was going to hurt him, said Shuler.

The hearing will resume March 19.