Man accused of killing his 18-year-old brother during argument, leaving parents grieving

An argument between two brothers in Detroit turns deadly, when one allegedly shoots the other.  

LaTricia Williams says she got a phone call very early last Friday. On the other line was her oldest son. He told her he’d killed his younger brother.

In that moment her entire world was changed forever. Despite that tragedy, she and her husband are spreading hope, light, and forgiveness.

"I just want to encourage whatever you going through, make it right and forgive," said Jermaine Williams, their father. "Forgive."

That’s all they want for their eldest son, even though he’s accused of killing his younger brother 18-year old Jermaine Williams

"This is hurting us, because we didn’t just lose one son - we lost two," said LaTricia Williams, their mother.

The family says the brothers had been staying with another relative in Detroit - in the 2000 block of Prince Hall Drive.

Police say last Friday at 6:30 a.m. they got a call from the 22-year-old suspect about what happened. There had been an argument and a struggle over a gun.

Jermaine may have had a knife, when he was shot. Police arrested Jermaine’s older brother, but he’s been released, pending charges.

"We don’t know what happened that day. We just ask that God have mercy," said LaTricia.

Jermaine Williams

Jermaine Williams

Latricia says Jermaine had a bright future. He had plans to write a book on dealing with mental health, he wanted to go to college and was a standout football player.

He had hoped to one day start his idea, "Brick by Brick Strength and Conditioning Company," to share the love of the game.

"Jermaine did not just play the game he was a teacher," she said. "Anyone that came on who was a rookie he trained them."

And now they’re left asking why and how did this happen.

"We were great parents, we did everything we could to raised him up in fear of the Lord," he said.

"It’s a feeling I don’t want any mother to ever have to feel," she said. "My heart is aching. Our hearts are aching. No words can explain how we really really feel."

Police say a warrant package has been submitted to the prosecutor's office and now they’re supplying more evidence and information. There is no word on when charges could be levied against Jermaine’s brother. The family says they trust the legal system and are awaiting the outcome. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family.

Victim Jermaine Williams, left, with his father.

Victim Jermaine Williams, left, with his father.