Man accused of shooting 3 including child, beating own toddler sees judge

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Daryl Edwards is accused of shooting three people, including a child and pistol-whipping his own toddler.

Edwards has been described as cowardly, manipulative and evil, with a long criminal history and arraigned Friday on seven new charges including assault with intent to murder and home invasion.

Detroit police say at 5 a.m. Tuesday, Edwards broke into the home of his 29-year-old ex-girlfriend on Mackenzie Street.

 Sources say Edwards crept in, woke her and her 39-year-old boyfriend - and shot them both in the head.

Edwards also shot her 8-year-old son in the head and pistol whipped the 3-year-old daughter they share, knocking out some of her teeth. During the attack, the woman's 11-year-old son was able to escape and call police.
"It's sad that you would do something to a kid like that, shoot a kid in the head, pistol whip a little girl," said a relative. "(He's) a sick person."

Sources say when police arrived the woman's boyfriend, despite being shot in the head more than once, was only worried about his girlfriend and the kids. The man was even able to get out a few words - identifying Edwards as the shooter.
"Mr. Edwards has shown a propensity for violence," said the assistant prosecutor. "Not only did he attack his own, but children are still hospitalized because of his actions."

Sources say what prompted the shootings is unclear, but Edwards has been accusing his ex-girlfriend of turning the kids against him - and despite Edwards having a new girlfriend, he's said to be "obsessed with" his ex.

Court records show Edwards was accused of assaulting the same ex-girlfriend back in August of 2016. And just a year later - Edwards was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct, assault with a dangerous weapon, and domestic violence.

Edwards served a year in jail but just four months ago - Edwards - faced the same charges again - and one month later - he was let out on bond after paying 10 percent of it, just $250.


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Sources say Edwards eventually confessed to the shootings and was denied bond Friday. The couple and that 8-year-old boy are likely still alive thanks to that 11-year-old who was able to escape.

Right now Edwards is due back in court July 19th. That 11-year-old boy is with Child Protective Services.