Man accused of shooting, fleeing, killing innocent driver ordered to stand trial

A suspect accused of shooting, fleeing, then killing another person with a car in Detroit was bound over for trial Friday on all eight charges against him.

Tommy Brown testified in court about his encounter with Dante Lindsay on May 2 at a home on Northlawn on Detroit's west side.

Brown says he drove to the home that morning with his girlfriend Crystal after learning Lindsay hit his sister.

It started with a verbal confrontation and then it took a violent turn.

"Once I saw the gun, I jumped off the porch because I thought he was going to shoot me," Brown said.

According to court testimony, that wasn't the only gunshot that was fired.

There were five others, including a bullet that shattered the window of Crystal's truck, barely missing a 10-year-old boy that was sitting in the vehicle.

Lindsay admitted to investigators that he thought it was Brown and not a child in the truck.

Soon after that Lindsay hopped in a van and sped off later admitting he was drunk and had a suspended license.

Police were already en-route to the home for the shots fired call.

Lindsay later told a police interrogator why he fled.

"I was already going back to the house, the police was there. I didn't stop because I already had a warrant for a probation violation," he said.

The pursuit continued through Detroit neighborhoods with police observing Lindsay blowing through stop signs.

The reckless driving continued, ending with a violent collision at Schaeffer and Grand River, claiming the life of 32-year-old Patrick Hurling.

The judge heard everything she needed to hear.

Lindsay was bound over on all eight charges and remains behind bars without bond.