Man accused of shooting, killing 15-year-old outside of Family Dollar headed to trial

Baldwin is charged with murder of Hill and gang activity.

According to police reports, rival gangs were fighting over a cell phone when Hill was shot in the head by Baldwin.

On the stand Monday, one of Hill's cousins who was at the store with him that day says that both Hill and Baldwin pulled guns on one another, but was unclear of who shot first and was not clear when asked if his cousin Marcus even fired.

Since the arrest of Baldwin, death threats against his family and intimidation tactics used by apparent rival gang members had Judge Ronald Giles giving everyone in attendance of the court preceding today a stern warning, the warning that he will not hesitate to lock anyone up who interrupts court proceedings.

Baldwin's attorney's alledge the shooting was in self-defense. Defense attorney Cliff Woodards said, "let the facts come out and let the jury make the decision without any more violence.