Man arraigned for leaving dog to die in Utica park

Sterling, a 3-year-old pitbull mix was found dead in Utica’s Grand Park after he was fatally stabbed on Jan 24th.

Police say a man by the name of Alexander Gerth, a 22-year-old unemployed resident of Utica, was the suspect responsible for Sterling’s death. 

“Sterling can’t speak no more. Sterling is dead,” said Rose Adkins, citizen who has sympathy for the dog. 

Although not confirmed by the police or court record, Adkins, who has followed this case and appeared at Gerth’s arraignment Thursday, says Sterling was stabbed multiple times and then left to die in Grand Park. However, police did say autopsy results will be presented at the preliminary exam. 

“I am upset and everybody on Facebook is upset,” said Adkins. “We want something done.” 

Aside from Adkins, the rest of the community is also outraged. 

“I just feel so bad for this dog,” said Sterling supporter Maggie Madigan. “It’s just heartbreaking.”

While police will not confirm who actually adopted Sterling, they did say he was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society about a month before his death. 

“We feel strongly that all the subjects involved in this matter are being held accountable,” said Utica Chief, Sean Coady. “

Although Gerth is the only being charged, the Chief says the cases is closed. 

Gerth is charged with animal cruelty and he’s looking to face up to 4-years in prison if convicted and he would never be able to own an animal. 

Gerth is expected to be back in court on Feb. 11th and his preliminary exam is set for Feb. 19th.