Man arrested after offering child $20 to pull down her pants at Walmart

A 25-year-old man was arrested for offering a child money to take her pants off.

The man, originally from Lincoln Park, will be arraigned Friday for accosting a child under 16 for immoral purposes.

The incident happened in the women’s  bathroom of a Walmart in Fowlerville Tuesday afternoon. The man offered the girl $20 to pull her pants down.

The girl, who was between 12 and 15 years old, refused and ran out of the store to her sister.

The two had been walking home from school when they stopped at the store on the way home. They informed their parents who contacted police.

Police Sgt John Tyler saw the man on store surveillance video talking to the girl and said he knew where to find him because Fowlerville "is a small town."

Tyler said that when confronted, the man admitted to what he'd done. He is currently being held in the Livingston County jail.

"It took a lot of bravery for that little girl to come forward and say something," Tyler said. "She felt a little ashamed of it. But she came forward and was very honest with us. She was almost relieved when she left that she came forward and did the right thing."