Man arrested for driving drunk with 2 children, dog and beer inside truck

Police pulled over a man suspected of driving drunk with two children and a dog inside his pickup truck April 6 in Lyon Township.

The driver, David Jay Reppel was seen weaving and drifting over the line at 10 Mile and Milford Road and pulled over at Martindale Road by Oakland County Sheriffs Deputies.

Police say Reppel, 41, of Whitmore Lake, failed all sobriety tests and can be heard in the dash cam video wanting to sing the parts of the alphabet. At one point after failing to count backwards he says that he is "bad at math." He had a blood alcohol result of .18. It is illegal to drive with 0.8 or above.

Inside were his 5- and 2 -year-old daughters also discovered was an unopened four pack of beer in the passenger area. The children were turned over to the mother and Child Protective Services were called.

The driver was charged with an OWI with a child under 16 (child endangerment) and was arraigned and given a bond of $25,000.