Man behind bizarre home invasion breaks into spontaneous smiles in court

The suspect accused of breaking into a Clinton Township man's home, drinking his beer, wearing his clothes, sleeping in his bed and firing a gun at him was arraigned Monday.

Restrained and strapped to a gurney, 29-year-old Almondo Martin was wheeled in for his arraignment.

Clinton Township police say Martin committed a rather bizarre home invasion Monday evening, allegedly hanging out in John Broderick's home when Broderick came home.

"I gently walked past him like he wasn't even there, I go into the bedroom. I'm going to grab my pistol. This guy's in my house -- I'm freaking out. So I go there and my pistol's gone," Broderick said.

And that's when Martin allegedly started shooting at Broderick.

He's charged with attempted murder, home invasion, stealing a firearm, felony firearm and resisting an officer.

Martin mouthed something to an officer off camera and he broke out in not one but two spontaneous smiles during his arraignment.

The judge ordered Martin to undergo a complete mental evaluation.

His bond was set at half a million dollars.