Man careens into Warren gas station to avoid traffic accident

A driver traveling in Warren made the quick decision to swerve away from a potential accident after someone made a U-turn at an intersection.

Unfortunately, the driver's path then took him into a BP gas station, where he hit a gas pump and caused damage to part of the business.

The driver, Fahad, said he was trying to avoid a serious crash with another driver, which caused him to crash.

"Another guy who took a U-turn, he took the U-turn at the red light and he suddenly appeared in front of me. To escape him, I turned right," he said. "But by then, my car was out of control."

The crash happened at the intersection of Mound and Martin, which is north of exit ramps from I-696.

Initial video from the scene showed a mid-sized van with front-end damage and one of a series of gas pumps that had been knocked over. 

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There were no injuries reported from the crash, however, a fire did ignite after the collision.

"When my car hit that thing, I see there is a fire on it already. So somehow I managed to get out of the car and I just ran to that corner," said Fahad.