Man caught on camera stealing 70-inch TV from Dearborn home

It was about 5 p.m. on Monday when the man in the red shirt made his move - while unknowingly being recorded on camera.

The Alzein family was inside their home in Dearborn letting the garage, which doubles as an extra living room, dry out. That's when the suspected ducked into the open garage door. 

The stranger was in there for three minutes - and only after the crime does reality sink in. 

"I got really scared because at any minute he could have opened the door and done whatever he wanted," Hasan Alzein said.

The man emerged unsteadily, carrying a 70-inch television.

"He has no business being in here, taking our TV," said Hasan.

The suspect clumsily struggled to fit the enormous TV in his car, which caught the attention of neighbor Charlie Bassi. 

"He goes, 'What are you doing, that's not yours,' and they started fighting," said Aggie Bousamra. He also lives next door and says Charlie just acted on instinct by trying to right a wrong - and ended up paying for it. 

"The car pushed back and he hit him," she said.

The suspect gets behind the wheel and throws it in reverse to break Charlie's grip. The car door knocks him to the ground and the man sped away. He got up and told the Alzein family what happened. 

"He was in pain, he told us what happened. I called 911," said Hasan.

"He said when he took a glimpse into his car, he said there were alcohol and beer bottles," said Yasmin Alzein.

We are told Charlie is a little bruised and battered but expected to recover. 

"I was happy and thankful that he protected us," Yasmin said.

Police were able to get their hands on the video soon after the crime occurred. And because that video was so clear investigators say they were able to identify a suspect quickly. They now have a warrant for his arrest.