Man caught on camera using car wash on dogs causes outrage

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The pictures have been shared over 3,500 times on Facebook.

They show three individuals pulling up to the Wash Stop car wash on Nine Mile and Hoover in Warren, then tie two dogs to a rail, brush them with soap and power wash them. 

"We were horrified," said Nicole Gatto Ross, the car wash owner. "We just couldn't. believe it. You could tell on the video that the dogs were terrified."

And in danger.

"The dogs were covered in soap from head to tail, their eyes, everything," she said. "It is chemicals meant for getting bugs and gunk off cars, not for animals.

"The temperature that comes out of these guns can be up to 110 degrees and the pressure is 1,200 PSI which is very forceful to remove those items from a vehicle."

As Ross was watching this take place, she quickly called the police and they responded, confronting the individuals. 

As they arrived the dogs didn't appear to be injured, so they filed a report, included animal control who then requested a detective follow up.

FOX 2 was there when that detective watched the entire video. 

FOX 2: "What’s your initial reaction?"

"They are actively cowering and you can tell they are actually in pain, “said Warren Police Det. Kevin Dailey. "The soap in the eyes is a big issue. From what I've seen, I anticipate filing a request to the City of Warren requesting the subject be charged with animal cruelty."

Now, it'll be up to the prosecutor to decide if one or all three of the individuals on video will be charged.