Man charged in New Year's double murder tells judge he 'wants to tell his side'

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Robert Watts is charged with murdering his estranged wife and her new boyfriend inside an east side Detroit home New Year's Eve.

Prosecutors say the woman refused to let the suspect see their three children who were at home when the murders occurred. Watts was in court Thursday.

Judge: "Sir do you understand the charges and penalties I've just read?"

Watts: "Not 100 percent. I haven't been able to tell my side of what happened. 

Judge: "Excuse me?"

Watts, 36, confused everyone with his answer Thursday after hearing the charges for murdering his estranged wife, 36-year-old Theresa Watts and her recent boyfriend 35-year-old Tarance Smith.

Watts was charged with another count of first-degree murder and two counts of felony firearm. Prosecutors say Robert showed up at Theresa's home on McKinney demanding to see their three children New Year’s Eve.

When she wouldn't let him, they say he shot Theresa in the head in front of her kids and then, shot Tarance in the face.

"I haven't been able to tell my side of what happened," Robert Watts said.

Judge: "This is your arraignment; this is not your trial."

Robert Watts was denied bond and the brother of Theresa Watts said his family is devastated and disgusted.
"I took Robert Watts in as a brother," said Thebrand Stephens. "And I can't believe he did this to my sister, his wife."

Theresa's brother said he believes Theresa suffered years of abuse, silently.
"(He's) trying to sit up there and say self-defense, my sister wouldn't even hurt a fly."

And when he learned of his sister's death, Stephens thought about the children.
"The first thing I was worried about, was my nieces and nephews, they are really hurt," he said.

Robert Watts faces life in prison without the possibility of parole but the family of Theresa says that is not nearly enough.

"I'm not trying to be a devil, but any number they give him it's not going to bring my sister back," Stephens said. "It's not going to (bring my) nieces and nephew back with their mama."

The families of both victims are sharing thoughts and prayers to each other and have created GoFundMe pages. Tarance Smith's family's page has been started to bury him and Theresa's family to take care of her three children, now staying with their great aunt and uncle.

"Your kids are hurting dummy," Stephens said. "You took a life for no reason - two lives for no reason."

To donate to Theresa Watts' GoFundMe, CLICK HERE.

To donate to Tarance Smith's GoFundeMe, CLICK HERE.