Man charged with firing at police in Roseville Home Depot shootout

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A 21-year-old Detroit man is facing charges for Monday's shooting at a Roseville Home Depot.
The man fired at police then officers fired back and hit him.

"There were dozens and dozens of people in the store that he put into complete panic," said Det. Lt. Raymond Blarek.

And now that accused shooter, 21-year-old Victor Oliver, is charged with felony firearm and attempted murder.

"He did aim at the officer," said Blarek, "He did fire at the officer, he had intent to murder the officer."

Roseville police say the potentially deadly situation began around 5 p.m. Monday afternoon inside a Microtel near 13 Mile and Gratiot. 

Calls came in that a group of people had begun fighting on the second floor.

"There was a gun involved and the person was waving a gun threatening people on the second floor," Blarek said.

Police say when they got to the hotel, Oliver and the others had left. Witnesses told police they were heading toward a Joann Fabrics, but when they searched the store, they couldn't find them.

"Dispatch advised that there was a black male in Home Depot waving a gun and threatening people inside the store," Blarek said.

Officers ran to the building as employees and customers begin to duck for cover.

" People just started collapsing to the floor and going behind the registers, myself included," said witness Aimee Tiemann.

One Roseville police officer cleared the front of the building, then spotted Oliver in one of the aisles.
"Mr. Oliver raised the gun up, pointed it at the officer and was ordered to drop the weapon," Blarek said.

Roseville police say Oliver refused all commands and once outside began firing at police.
"The suspect fired two rounds at the officer, directly in his area, one of them missed him and hit the front concrete of Home Depot," Blarek said.

Police say thankfully, the other bullet went into the store, didn't hit anyone. A chase began, then two more rounds were fired between police and Oliver.

Oliver was hit twice, and eventually tossed his gun. Police then tackled and cuffed the 21-year-old. An ambulance took him to the hospital.

"He's a threat to the public," Blarek said. "He obtained a weapon which he purchased off the street."

Arraigned in his hospital bed Tuesday afternoon. Oliver was given a $1 million cash bond; he faces up to life in prison.