Man charged with murder after boy finds gun, accidentally shoots self

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A 3-year-old boy dies after finding a gun and shooting himself.

Now the owner of that weapon is facing a long list of charges including second-degree murder.

"I keep trying to tell him just do the right thing and he wasn't trying to do the right thing," said James Fortson, the uncle of Lamonte Johnson.

The uncle of Lamonte Odell Johnson in court Friday for his nephew's arraignment.

Johnson is facing a number of charges including weapons firearm possession by a felon and homicide murder, second degree.

"It is a felony punishable by up to life in prison," said the judge. 

The charges come after Johnson dropped a gun that was picked up by 3-year-Cameron Dillard at their Clinton Township apartment complex on Tuesday.

The curious toddler fired a shot that ended his life. 

"He should not have had a gun in his possession," Fortson said. "And that's not too good right now for him to be doing things like this. Because it makes no sense. He  should have been out working trying to do something positive for himself."

Police were able to find Johnson and arrested him in Detroit the same day of the shooting. His family says Johnson has two children, ages 3 and 8 years old, and should have known better.

"He's a good boy," Fortson said. "(He) just made the wrong decisions and now it cost someone's life."

The prosecutor's office requested a high bond for Johnson because of his criminal past and what they believe is negligence.

"He was alerted to the fact that the child had a weapon in his hand but did nothing," said Jean Cloud, chief trial attorney, Macomb County Prosecutor's Office.

"Bond will be put at $1 million cash surety," the judge said.

At the apartment complex where the tragedy took place a memorial for the little boy continues to grow. Family members say right now they just want their privacy.

But Johnson's sister wants Cameron's family to know this.

"It was an honest mistake," said Nicole Fortson, sister of Lamonte Johnson "He wasn't trying to shoot the little baby. I am praying for him and his family."