Man charged with sword attack after interrupting argument in Mount Clemens

The Macomb County Sheriff said a man was arrested for attacking a man with a sword during an argument inside their apartment earlier this week.

Sheriff deputies were called to the Sunset Manor Apartments a little before 5:30 Tuesday evening to an assault. When deputies arrived, they found a 56-year-old had been assaulted with a sword and was bleeding from his face and hands.

According to deputies, the man had gotten into an argument with a 35-year-old woman over money when another man heard the altercation and attacked the man with a sword.

The victim, Todd Westbrook, talked to FOX 2 on Thursday as he recovers from his injuries. He said his friend paid what was owed but the man just came out swinging.

"He was sticking me with the sword, it ripped my shirt," Westbrook said. "I guess he thought I was messing with her or bothering her."

The man with the sword was identified as 55-year-old Christopher Harrison. Westbrook says he tried to explain the situation and get away but Harrison kept coming at him and swinging the sword near his face and throat.

"He was sticking me in the chest with it. I guess he was slicing too because I see it's cut," Westbrook said.

Westbrook said he was eventually able to grab the sword, but the blade sliced his hands as Harrison shoved him down the steps. 

"As I was laying on my back he climbed on top of me and he just started punching me in the face," Westbrook said. "I'm thinking 'what's the matter with this guy?'"

Neighbors say they've seen Harrison, who is Marine Corp veteran, become violent before - as recently as last week - and they say he appears to have a drug problem.

"I feel like he should've been able to think his way out of the situation because it had nothing to do with him," Westbrook said.

Harrison was charged Wednesday with one count of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder - a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a $5,000 fine.

Harrison told the judge he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and he thought the woman was being assaulted.

"But I'm kind of handicapped so I may have overreacted. What I used was intended to scare him."

Harrison is due back in court on June 19th and given a $7,500 bond. He also has to hand over any and all weapons including swords and knives.