Man charged with violent home invasion in Farmington Hills

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“This is a felony that’s commonly referred to as armed robbery. It’s punishable by life or any term of years."

He's accused of robbing, beating, and tying up a 79-year-old Farmington Hills woman. Now, 46-year-old Roger Chaston of Redford Township is charged with armed robbery, unarmed robbery and home invasion Tuesday.

The woman says earlier this month Chaston pretended to need help in finding his lost dog and tricked her into letting him inside her house. She says that's when he grabbed a vase, hit her in the head, and tied her up. Her jewelry was stolen as she was left bleeding on the floor.

"He kept saying if you do what I say I won't kill you. I was just hoping and praying that he wouldn't."

Prosecutors say it wasn't hard for police to find Chaston. Roughly a month before allegedly attacking that woman, he was released from jail and was on a GPS tether. They say he still had it on. 

"I was so glad that he was apprehended the day after this happened because it gave me a lot of peace of mind."

Prosecutors say Chaston has been in and out of prison - committing crimes for nearly 30 years. Chaston's spree began in 1988 when he was convicted of breaking and entering in Oakland County. Then he faced weapons charges in Chippewa County in 1991, and at least five home invasions in Wayne, Livingston and again in Oakland County. Tuesday his bond was denied. Chaston didn't seem surprised.

"I’m a DOC prisoner so bond is pretty much muted."

"I feel very relieved he's caught. I didn't know he was such a professional con man."

"If that's what it took, then it’s good he's away after all of these years."

Although the woman is still missing the sentimental jewelry she says Chaston stole, she is simply thankful to be alive, and grateful he can't hurt anyone else.

"I'm glad he's getting what he deserves and I hope that something can happen to make him see the folly of what he’s done and turn his life around, even though he's in prison."