Man dead after house fire on Washburn, cause of fire is unknown 

It was an early Saturday night.

“We Smelled some smoke and we heard some noises and then we came out and saw all flames and just smoking,” said neighbor Michelle Rone. 

“I was just cutting the lawn and I happened to see smoke coming out of the roof, went and knocked on the doors and windows and no one responded,” said neighbor Roland Tate.

From there, one of the other neighbors called 911. When firefighters got to the house on Washburn, south of 7 Mile on Detroit’s west side, the man who lived in there for decades was found unresponsive. He was pronounced dead on the scene. 

“It was a lot of smoke,” Roland said. “We didn’t see any fire until later on when they opened up the doors.”

Arson investigators on the scene and several police officers were on the scene, but a fire investigator says the preliminary reports do not indicate there was anything suspicious about the fire. 

Neighbors say the man was in his 60’s, and lived here with his mom. She passed away about a month ago. 

“Rest in Peace, good thing he’s with his mom now and hopefully they can have peace,” said Anthony Rone, a neighbor. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.