Man desperate to find 12 Mile hit and run driver who killed his sister

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It's been nearly two months since David Norfleet's sister, Gwen Henderson, was killed by a hit and run driver in Madison Heights.

But Norfleet's emotions are so raw, he says it feels like it was just yesterday. Police say Henderson was crossing 12 Mile and not using the crosswalk when she was hit by a motorist who fled the scene.  

"That place is high in traffic, so someone had to see something," he said. "I'm so angry ... because of her being left in the middle of the street. No one cared."

Based on witness accounts and evidence recovered at the scene, police say a newer model pickup truck was involved.

Norfleet is on a mission to find the person who he says ended a life way too soon.

"You left her there in the middle of the street, in the middle of nowhere," Norfleet said. "You could have at least gotten out taken her to the hospital."

Norfleet says being hit by a car was one of Henderson's greatest fears

"And to be killed by a car, I think (of) the irony of it," he said.

Norfleet is asking that person to have a heart and come forward 

"My sister's spine was severed," he said. "Her facial bones were crushed, the back part of her head was missing, her spleen ...  Everything was injured. I'm just letting you know, have a heart."

Norfleet says searching for the driver who left the scene is not the only missing piece of this puzzle. He says his sister's Jeep Cherokee was taken to a repair shop one day before the accident. Despite calling area shops, he says they still can't find it.

"No one seems to know anything about a truck and I find that strange," he said.

Madison Heights Police continue to investigate, but Norfleet says penalties are not harsh enough for drivers who leave the scene of a fatal accident.

He wants his sister to know his pursuit for justice will not end until the driver is found and held accountable. 

"When I leave here I'll be satisfied in knowing that someone was brought to justice," he said.