Man discovers he won $150,000 Michigan Lottery Powerball prize while getting ready for work

A Genesee County man said he was getting ready for work when he remembered to check his Powerball tickets.

"I’d never played Powerball before, but I decided to purchase some tickets when the jackpot got over $1 billion," Avery Williams said. "I was getting ready for work the morning after the drawing and remembered I had to check my tickets. I logged in to my Lottery account and knew I’d won big as soon as I saw my account balance. I couldn’t believe it!"

The 27-year-old Burton man won $150,000 from the Michigan Lotter. after matching the numbers in the Nov. 5 drawing. The prize was originally $50,000, but it was multiplied by the Power Play.

He said he plans to use the money to invest and remodel his home.

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"Winning is a huge relief and will allow me to do things I otherwise would not have been able to," Williams said.