Man drops trailer full of concrete behind Redford business

A man with a load of concrete of concrete backs up to a Redford business and unloads. But it wasn't his business and the man who owns it isn't too happy - and had a camera set up.

Samuel Hodge pulled into work Wednesday afternoon at his business on Plymouth near Beech Daly Road in Redford. He found a large pile of concrete dumped on the property.

He had just stopped at city at 4 p.m. when he noticed the concrete.

"There's a concrete yard over here that he could go and dump it. But it was around 4:30, I think they close at 4," Hodge said.

He has surveillance cameras set up and captured video of the carefree dumper driving what appears to be a GMC Sierra with a trailer attached. The concrete just rolled right off.

"How can someone do something like that in the middle of the day when everyone is watching them?" Hodge asked.

Hodge wasn't there at the time but a man who lived in the neighborhood behind the business was home and knew something was wrong. Todd Walter confronted the dumper.

"It was weird that he was doing it during the day. You would think someone would do it at nighttime," Walter said. 

Walter said the man told him that he knew Hodge. Hodge doesn't know the guy. 

The man also told Walter he worked for a concrete company. Walter took down his license plate and Hodge contacted Redford Police.

"This is a serious crime this is not something that anyone can do and just walk away," Hodge said.

When Hodge contacted FOX 2, we tracked down the dumper and found out that he does drive a GMC Sierra and does work for a concrete company. The dumper telling said Thursday he had an issue with "timing" and didn't have any where else to drop the concrete.

"I think they wouldn't do that in their own neighborhoods," Walter said.

Thursday evening, it appears this guy learned his lesson, or maybe he realized he'd been caught, either way Hodge says the dumper has apologized and promises to clean up his concrete.