Man dumped trash from Dearborn construction in Detroit, police say

Detroit Police say they caught up to and arrested the man responsible for dumping construction debris in Detroit. They also said he was dumping his trash from a site in Dearborn.

FOX 2 was called by neighbors who were fed up with the growing mountains of debris that kept showing up in a lot at Schaefer and Chicago. That was in early September. 

The illegal dumping was insulting to the people who live nearby.

"One day I was home and watching them do this. I came home from work the next day and there were two more piles and I came back from work the next day and there was another pile," Tony Brock said. "Right next door. Family, kids, dogs. He doesn't live anywhere near the city, I know that."

We talked to Detroit Police about it and they got the site cleaned up. Then they got the person responsible.

Police arrested Ali Saad and say he's the one responsible for dumping concrete, tree limbs, asphalt, and crime tape on the lot. Investigators said Saad was working on building a garbage enclosure in nearby Dearborn

They said he transferred the garbage across the city line and dumped it in Detroit.

"We're gonna turn over every stone that we can to find individuals who are involved in this type of activity and, in this particular case, we did," Detroit Lt. Rebecca McKay said. "This individual was fined $3,500 dollars. His vehicle was impounded and held until he paid a bond to get the vehicle out and then a warrant was issued for his arrest and he has a trial date set for a couple of months out."    

Lieutenant McKay says since October 2017, the team working on illegal dumping in Detroit has issued 374 warrants, seized 136 vehicles and issued 319 blight violations.