Man exposes himself on Detroit's west side

A man has been terrorizing women and children on Detroit's west side.

The man has been exposing and fondling himself on the street. Kathryn Barnett says she was waiting for a bus to take her to a volunteer patrol assignment on Halloween when she saw him.

"He actually got his penis out, masturbating back and forth," said Barnett.

Barnett says as she ran for safety, she encountered a mother and daughter who saw the man do the same thing.

"She was so frantic that she was about ready to you know, beat him up. Like, get away from us," said Barnett.

People who live nearby said they've been calling the cops on him for years.

"They know about him," Barnett said. "Them and their parents from Ohio, all the way to Cloverlawn, have been complaining about this young man for a couple years." 

Barnett was so afraid by the experience that she called 911. As she was on the phone, she says the man get on a bus heading downtown.

Police say officers were dispatched to the area, but they were unable to locate the bus or the man.

Barnett says the man is often seen in the area of Cloverlawn and Grand River, and she wants police to increase patrols and get this man off the streets.

"The way he's carrying himself, he's dangerous to anyone out there," she said.