Man finds sister, boyfriend dead in trash bags behind Clinton Twp mobile home

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After several days, two teens who were missing were finally found by one of the teen's brother after the family noticed a foul odor coming from the shed in the backyard.

Clinton Township Police confirm the bodies of two young adults, a 19-year-old male and an 18-year-old female, were found on a property at Rudgate Clinton Mobile Home Village, which is near Groesbeck and 16 Mile Road. Both victims were found inside trash bags in the backyard shed.

According to friends, they're believed to be Danielle Marzejka and Seren Bryan. Maddeceyen Clark was a friend of Marzejka's is both confused and heartbroken after getting the news.

"I keep thinking about the pain she must've been going through - however this happened," Clark said. "There was talk about suicide or something. I'm like no way was this a suicide. If it happened to have been, how did she get into the garbage bag?"

Police spent all day Monday at the home trying to find clues to determine what happened. Marzejka lived with her father and brother at the mobile home. She was reported missing last week. 

"We've seen the daughter and her boyfriend out and the father going in and out. (There was) no suspicious activity, nothing alarming," said neighbor Robert Rice.

Police say her father reported her missing last Thursday. Friends say she sometimes would go partially off the gride but would still be active on Facebook Messenger. 

"I just don't think for a second that she just ran away without taking her phone charger or insulin. She didn't take any of her clothes, I find that very hard to believe. She didn't take any necklaces her mom left her, that's almost unheard of," Clark said.

Sunday night, around 8 p.m., Marzejka's brother noticed the foul smell and checked the family's shed and made the gruesome discovery.

"It just really hurts me to know that maybe the person who did this was so close to her," Clark said

Marzejka's friends called her beautiful, caring, and kind - and said she always put others first. 

"She would not want us to be in so much pain right now because that's the kind of person she was," Clark said.

But friends also recall some rather dark posts on social media, including Marzejka and Bryan once talking about overdosing. 

"Her boyfriend had like of a dark sense of humor. It's just kind of how he was. Supposedly it was a huge joke, they were just messing around," Clark said.

Clinton Twp police are investigating the deaths as homicides and say Marzejka's autopsy has been completed. Bryan's will be done on Tuesday.