Man fires into crowd at Black Lives Matter rally in Detroit

Shots were fired into the crowd at a large rally Saturday that filled Frank's car wash parking lot on Livernois at Puritan on Detroit's west side.

"There were 75 to 100 people out conducting or participating in a peaceful rally," said Investigator Everett Barge of the Detroit Police. "Their initiative was pushing Detroit forward and Black Lives Matter."

Suddenly a guy pulled Cartier glasses off of Meko Park's face.

"A guy running down the sidewalk snatched my glasses as he ran ... so we (started) to pursue him and he pulled out a heater and started shooting," Parks said.

Several people in the crowd chased the Cartier thief.

"The young man apparently turned around and fired some shots at the people that were chasing him," Barge said.

Zaquan Alston lost a shoe but actually caught the shooter. Alston said he believed the guy was out of bullets.

"He robbed somebody at the event and my natural instinct was -- I'm athletic and I was thinking he's not going to get away," he said.

The crowd held the gunman in an alley two blocks away on Stoepel until police arrived and arrest the accused thief.

Early reports say the suspect may be in his teens, and police have him custody.

"This is a testimony to everybody out here carjacking and robbing -- do not mess with the kingdom of God," said Pastor Maurice Hardwick.