Man going to get coffee shot and killed on Detroit's east side

Detroit Police said a person was found dead on the city's east side Thursday morning and the victim's girlfriend said he was just going to get a cup of coffee for her.

Police said one person was dead in the shooting near East McNichols and East Davison around 11:30 Thursday morning. Police have not released the victim's name as they are still notifying his family.

Kenyatta Thomas says her boyfriend went out Thursday morning to get her a cup of coffee, but never came home. He was shot and killed in the middle of the street. 

"He went to the gas station to get me a cup of coffee and ends up dead. That doesn't make sense," Thomas said. "I figured he was just shooting the breeze with the fellas, you know and he'd come home in a minute but he never came. Then I got the call and ran straight up there and it was him laying there in the middle of the street like a dog."

He was found dead on East McNichols near Davison on Detroit's eastside.

Vickie Blanch was driving by the area when it happened. She said it looked like some guys were in an argument and said there was a maroon SUV stopped in the street.

"In broad daylight? They got balls,"  Blanch said. "I hope they catch whoever did it. They gotta pay for what they did."

She drove off and went to her Highland Park home but then heard the man died and decided to come back and tell police what she saw.

"Somebody had to speak up. By keeping a secret, who can you help? I would hope someone would help me," she said.

Police say they think was targeted. Thomas, his girlfriend of four years, isn't sure why.

"It's not safe to watch the streets. People are robbing and killing each other for nothing. He didn't have money in his pocket - all he had was $149," she said. 

Police spent the afternoon searching for video of the shooting from nearby businesses. Thomas is hoping that helps find whoever pulled the trigger.