Detroit police extend investigation of deadly strip club shooting after finding rounds blocks away

A deadly shooting at a west Detroit strip club has escalated into a crime scene that extended several blocks beyond the place where a man died Wednesday morning.

Detroit Police are investigating the fatal shooting at the Dolla Bill Gentleman's Club on Plymouth, where they estimate more than 50 rounds were fired.

"It doesn't make sense. All we know at the time, it's a fight and that's it. Nobody's dead," said Manuel Johnson Sr. "Nowadays, it's different. Everybody shooting up each other."

Johnson Sr. was one of many residents that lived nearby that soon found police lights and officers patrolling the streets, canvassing for evidence from the shooting. 

It happened around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday at 17040 Plymouth when police say two men in a possibly dark-colored SUV open fired at a man in the parking lot of the venue. 

He was shot multiple times in the chest and arm. Security from the business tried to pull the man indoors to render aid, but he died shortly after.

The incident sparked an investigation by police that followed into adjacent streets Longacre and Rutland, where officers found bullets on the sidewalk and roadway.

Detroit resident says that kids shooting at each other are treating it like a game.

The shooting happened near Herbet Copeland's home, where he say police canvassing for evidence.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, they were two miles away," said Herbert Copeland, who says he was awoken to the gunfire from his home on Longacre.

While residents like Copeland are used to seeing speeders flying near their street, the sound of frequent gunfire is a new one.

"These kids are young, they're not men. They're babies and they come out and kill somebody like it's a game," he said. 

"You got one family who has somebody going to prison. You got the other family that's burying somebody. So both families lose," said Johnson Sr. "Does it even out? No, it doesn't."

Police estimate more than 50 rounds were fired.

Detroit police estimate more than 50 rounds were fired.

Police have yet to determine a motive or identify who the suspects are. They are reviewing surveillance footage from the club and nearby businesses to see if they can get a better idea of what kind of car it was.