Man killed at Detroit pot shop 'Roll Up Don't be Cheap'

Police find a 28-year-old man shot to death inside a Detroit marijuana dispensary.

The discovery was made at 5:30 p.m.  Wednesday evening. Detroit fire medics responded and found the man, determined he was dead at the scene from apparent gunshot wound. 

According to city records the name of the business is Roll Up Don't Be Cheap. A man who identified himself as Joy Road General says he has visited the dispensary and was surprised at the shooting.

"Nothing like that - I would have thought would have happened like that at this spot right here," he said. 

As police continue to investigate they say the business appeared to be operating as a marijuana dispensary, but discovered it also sold other items as well.

"The building is set up like a typical marijuana dispensary," said Capt. Darin Szilagy, Detroit police. "Jars of product for sale, furniture, and furnished like a legal establishment. But I see no license or any legal documentation. At this time, the legality of the dispensary is in question."

Police also believe the victim found inside was an employee. His identity has not been released by police.

"Yeah it's crazy. I know a lot of people who go to that dispensary," Joy Road General said. "Hoping it wasn't one of my homeboys."

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Police believe robbery may have been the motive.

"On my arrival there was no marijuana. It's hard to determine what was taken and what was not taken. Hard to know if it was cash or if there was any product, I don't know at this time," Szilagy said. 

Joy Road General believes dispensaries are not safe 

"Dispensaries are targets especially in the city of Detroit," he said. "If you go across Eight Mile you don't see dispensaries. If you notice, they're all in the city."