Man killed by train after stopping to pick up phone on tracks

A man crossing train tracks in Wayne while walking a BMX bike was hit and killed by an oncoming passenger train on Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses said the man stopped and leaned over appearing to try to retrieve his cellphone that he dropped when he was struck.

Approximately 50 people were on the train, which was scheduled to next stop in Dearborn. No one on-board was injured.

An employee at a 7-Eleven store near the tracks called 911. 

One woman was rushed to the hospital from the scene. She was not injured -- but witnessed the accident.  First responders believed she was so severely shaken up that she should go to the hospital for observation.

"The woman that I talked to said she actually saw what happened and she said, 'I'm not entirely sure but the guy dropped his phone on the tracks and after (being) with the police for a while, it was noted that the guy was about 30 years old and he got hit by a train on his bike,'" said Zachary Villanueva, who called 911.