Man killed in joyride after driver crashes into tree, alcohol involved

One man is dead and another man is injured following a car crash on Detroit's west side Tuesday morning, and the driver has now been arrested.

Police were called to the scene on Ewald Circle near the Davison and Livernois around 3 a.m.

Family identified 27-year-old Jamal Lawrence, better known as Gouch to friends and family, as the victim.

He was a passenger in a Dodge Charger with his relative, 18-year-old Jaleel Williams, and another man, a neighbor, who was driving.

They were drinking at a home in the neighborhood, and we're told they decided to go for a joy ride.

They were speeding and lost control of the vehicle, eventually crashing into a tree near Ewald Circle.

Williams was taken to the hospital with a broken arm. Police say they are currently questioning the neighbor who was driving.

"Tragic loss," said Darnell Clayborn, the victim's relative. "Tragic loss -- on both parts. The driver, he's going to go jail for vehicular manslaughter. My girl's sister (has) to bury her son now."

Instead of enjoying precious moments with her son, Shelethia Brown must now reflect on them.

"I can't even go down there. I need to go down there but I can't. I have to wait," she said.

She must remember the good times they shared, while she prepares for one of the hardest she will ever experience.

"Mothers aren't supposed to bury their children. And he's adopted. And it's tearing me up because it's just like he's my own," Brown said.

The driver of the Charger has been arrested.

Once the police investigation is complete, a report will be sent to the prosecutor's office for review and then there could be formal charges in the case.