Man makes disgusting find in Pepsi at Greektown Casino: 'A whole bunch of roaches'

A man who was feeling lucky late last week opted for a trip to Greektown Casino. But he suddenly lost his desire to play anything – and eventually didn't want to drink anything either after he found a disgusting surprise in the Pepsi fountain machine at the casino.

Jarome Quinney decided to play a few games at Hollywood Greektown Casino on Thursday of last week. While he was there, he was thirsty and found his way to the Pepsi machine for a drink and resumed playing. but when he went back for another one, he suddenly wished he never had.

"As I came back for a refill, I grabbed my old top and then grabbed a new cup, and as soon as I grabbed a new cup. (There were) a whole bunch of roaches were coming out of my cup," Quinney said.

That's right. He found the roaches in his cup after drinking out of it.

"(I felt) disgusting. I went to the bathroom and threw up, I don’t know if a roach came out or not," he said.

He suddenly wasn't thirsty, then he took a look around him as the casino was pretty busy. 

"There are three or four people in the back to me and they were sitting there with cups in their hands and they were drinking. And I was like whoa," he said.

His thirst was no longer an issue and then he didn't feel much gambling either

"That means anyone that was hot or gambling and came for a drink they most definitely got contaminated," Quinney said.

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He notified the casino immediately but couldn't get any answers.

"I made a report saying that I got contaminated and I wanted to talk to someone who is important, who’s in charge.  But they gave me the ring around (sic)," he said.

FOX 2 reached out to the Detroit health department who said that they appreciated being made aware of the situation and they will conduct a complete investigation.

We also contacted Hollywood Casino who said they took immediate steps.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we…contracted with Ecolab who examined the area and they confirmed that there was no additional evidence or infestation concerns. Regardless, we conducted a deep cleaning of the area in question and similar self-service beverage stations," Jeff Morris, Vice President of Public Affairs & Government Relations, said.