Man orders and eats frozen yogurt, then robs Ann Arbor TCBY

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Police in Ann Arbor say a man bought frozen yogurt at a TCBY, sat down inside to eat his frozen treat, and then decided to rob the place.

It happened a little after 10 Tuesday night at the TCBY on Washtenaw Ave. Police said the man in his 30s or 40s was wearing green pajama bottoms when he walked in and ordered his yogurt.

After getting his order, he sat down at a table and ate his frozen yogurt. Then he stood up, walked over to the counter and asked for change for a $20.

When the cashier opened the register, the man lifted his shirt to show a knife and demanded money. The employee complied and the man took off with an unknown amount of money.

There were three other customers inside the store. Nobody was hurt in the robbery.