Man returns from daughter's funeral to find home vandalized

The last thing James Cole expected after returning from his daughter's funeral Monday was to find his home had been vandalized.

The vandals drew symbols in black spray paint on the back and side of his mobile home in Woodhan -- even all over his door.

"Whoever did this shouldn't be doing this," he said. "They should have faith in God instead of destroying people's stuff."

Cole is not the only one dealing with damage.

"It's awful it is horrible," said Cherie Jayburg.

Jayburg also got a visit from Woodhaven police, who told her it was likely a group of kids who created the thousands of dollars of damage to three separate residents who live in the 25000 block of Balfour.

Jayburg now has to find a way to remove the spray paint from her mobile home and her car windows, knowing she can't afford the deductible.

"Probably just hoodlums with nothing better to do so they take it out on the whole world," she said. "And they don't care what they do or who they hurt. I raised two boys and they would never think of doing anything like that no matter what."

None of the residents heard anything and so far there are no witnesses. Police are investigating, but hoping the public can help provide a lead.

"What kind of kicks do they think they are getting out of this?" he said. "That is a heck of a way to go to make you feel good. That is the wrong way."