Man saves his mother & his son from Madison Heights house fire

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A Madison Heights man saw his home up in flames and jumped in to save both his mother and his son.

Anthony Duran came out wearing just his shorts and socks Monday morning after rescuing both his mother and his son from the burning home on Alger Street.

Fire Marshall Paull Biliti said when crews arrived, the fire had already overtaken the home.

"Upon arrival our guys saw flames shoot out the back of the house. It quickly escalated and made it to the front of the house and was completely engulfed," Biliti said.

Duran pulled his 64-year-old mother from the home, along with his son, who was visiting for the weekend.

"He took care of his mother - she was on oxygen," family friend Tina Spencer said. "Got his son out, got his mother out, he drug the oxygen tank from bedroom so it wouldn't blow."

Fire crews say that Duran's mother caused the fire as she was smoking while using the oxygen tank. 

"This [smoking], compounded with her being on oxygen, really made the whole scene much worse," Biliti said.

The family made it out alive but the home and some of their family pets were not able to be saved. One dog made it out but neighbors and fire crews say another was killed inside while a third was killed in the backyard when it touched a downed power line. 

"It breaks my heart to see that because this guy is a giving guy and he would do anything for anyone," neighbor Peggy Shamoun said.

Neighbors say they're thankful Duran, his mother, and his son made it out safely.

Duran was hospitalized for smoke inhalation but later released. His mother will stay a bit longer for observation. 

The family has lived in the home for years but is now a boarded up, charred shell. Friends and neighbors say Duran is such a helpful man but now he's in need of help.

If you're able to help, contact friends by clicking this email address.