Man says DPD mistakenly called him a suspect in White Castle shooting

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Calling himself "Mike", he wants to remain anonymous. But he won't remain silent.

He says Detroit police released a surveillance picture of him, connecting him to  recent shooting outside of the White Castle near Greenfield and Joy Road in Detroit.

"How? Where's the evidence?" he said. "On Sunday, I received a link and on that link was a suspect they were looking for which was 'armed and dangerous,'" he said. "Me, being plastered all over Internet and news, on TV. Basically being Detroit's Most Wanted was very disappointing."

Mike admits he was near the White Castle on March 1 when the shooting took place. A man was shot. But he maintains he had nothing to do with the crime.

"A few seconds after I left out of VIP Wear, shots were fired," Mike said. "I ran down the street toward Eight Mile. I ran into Simply 10. I had another party with me and I went to get them and drove off."

Mike says after, he saw his picture asking for info on his whereabouts. He went to the police department not once, but twice.

"I said this is my picture and they kept asking am I 100 percent sure about this, and if I would take a polygraph - would I be willing to do this, (I said) oh yes," Mike said. 

Fox 2 contacted Detroit Police and was told, "The individual turned himself in. Upon further investigation, he was released and the investigation into that incident continues."

"There's going to be a lot coming their way," he said.

FOX 2: "What do you mean?"

"Lawsuit," Mike said.

Mike says he's in the process of looking for an attorney and as the investigation into the shooting continues, Mike has this message for the shooter.

"You're going to get caught."