Man shot and wounded interrupting catalytic converter thieves in Troy

A Troy man was shot and wounded after interrupting a catalytic converter theft early Tuesday morning.

"These guys have driven, it's been reported, a dark-colored SUV, pulled right up on their grass right next to the vehicle underneath cutting with power tools," said Sgt. Jason Clark, Troy police.

Clark says a 30-year-old resident heard the commotion and went out front of his home near Fredmoor and South Boulevard.

"He just called out - I don’t even think he knew exactly what was going on," Clark said. "He just called out to them, saying 'Hey what are you guys doing?'"

The man's family says two suspects cut the catalytic converter off a Chevrolet Impala and tried to cut the converter off a Ford pickup truck.

Police say the suspects fired two gunshots-- shooting the victim in the leg before speeding away. The man's family says he is a new father and are just grateful he will recover.

Meanwhile, police believe the same thieves are responsible for stealing another catalytic converter nearby.

"Just before this incident, two miles south of where this occurred our officers were investigating the same type of crime," he said.

Unfortunately, police say these aren't isolated incidents.

"Vehicle theft, larceny from vehicles, and catalytic converter thefts are a growing trend throughout the Metro Detroit area," Clark said. "We are seeing it overnight during the nighttime hours and parking lots during the daytime areas. Parking lots of our shopping malls, things like that."

Sergeant Clark stresses people should lock their vehicles and keep them in a garage if possible.

"I do think it’s a crime of opportunity," he said. "A lot of people do not have enough garage room, and their garage is for their vehicles to stay protected. They are leaving them out. A catalytic converter is an easy target, and people are leaving their vehicles unlocked."

One of the two gunshots fired hit this Ford Escape in Troy.

One of the two gunshots fired hit this Ford Escape in Troy.