Man shot in the face during Detroit driveway carjacking

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A man shot in the face trying to stop thieves from stealing his family's car right out of his driveway.

It happened with his children watching from the window. His 10-year-old son saw it all.

Children living in a home on Goulburn on the city's east side were the first to see intruders on their property just before 9 a.m. Monday morning.

"My mom said, 'They're stealing my car,'" Thomas, the victim's son.  "And that's when my daddy came down and he got shot, right here.

The family woke up to find men attempting to push their red Chevrolet Caprice out of their driveway and the victim went out to try to stop them.

"I heard the bullets then he told me to come here and all I saw was blood leaking down from his face," Thomas said.

Police say it's one of the more bizarre wounds they've seen, telling us the man in his 30s, was shot right between his eyes. He suffered a lot of blood loss, but he is talking and functioning normally and will likely make a full recovery. They say he's listed in temporary serious condition.

"I hope he's doing okay," said Grandma G, the victim's grandmother. "The car is material stuff, you can get another vehicle, you can't get another life."

Family members say the man shot, knew the suspects who attempted to steal the Caprice. It was located shortly after, abandoned in a yard near Chandler Park and Outer Drive. Police won't confirm if any arrests have been made.