Man shot while driving on Mack, police suspect girlfriend of murder

Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man on Mack Avenue in Detroit early Sunday. Police say the man was shot and killed while he was driving -- and they believe his girlfriend may have pulled the trigger.

Police say just before 1:30 a.m., Jon'te Brooks was driving his minivan near Mack and Senaca when he was hit by gunshots fired from another car, causing Brooks to lose control of his minivan and hit a brick wall outside of a church.

Brooks' cousin, Karletta Duncan, says the woman who fired the shots was his former girlfriend. Police have identified her as Menayette Yeager. 

Duncan says Yeager would accuse her cousin of abuse but she continued to contact Brooks and his family members.

"If you were so battered why didn't you just leave? It's just a senseless killing - no sense at all," Duncan says.

Police say they are still searching for Yeager, but Brooks' family members have some advice for her.

"Just turn yourself in. That will be your best bet so we can have some type of  peace of mind," Duncan says.

After looking at the scene, the victim's family says the killing was premeditated.

"She came and got him. He didn't call her, she came and got him. You came and got him to kill him. To me, it was premeditated because she never carried a gun," says Duncan.

Now, six kids are without a father and two families are asking why this happened.

"It's sad. Sad day. Sad situation for both families only thing is our's hurts a little bit more because he's gone," Duncan says.