Man shows up at Dearborn hospital claiming he was shot on freeway, refuses to cooperate with investigators

Michigan State Police are investigating after a man claimed he was shot on I-94 Sunday afternoon.

Police were called to Beaumont Dearborn at 5:45 p.m. because a man with a gunshot wound to his arm said the shooting happened on the freeway.

The man was vague when speaking with investigators, police said. He told police that he got a flat tire in Ypsilanti and had two men he refused to identify taking him to Detroit to get a new tire.

He said he was on eastbound I-94 somewhere past Southfield but several exits before Michigan Avenue when someone opened fire on the car. The car exited at Michigan, turned around on the freeway, and headed back toward Beaumont. Several blocks before the hospital, the man alleges the driver dropped him off and had him walk the rest of the way.

Police said they checked the freeway but did not find any evidence of a shooting. Troopers also were unable to find the vehicle with a flat tire.

It is unknown what actually occurred, and anyone with information is asked call police at 734-287-5000.