Man steals car during dealership test-drive

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Security camera still photo of a suspect in a car theft.

A thief posing as a customer speeds off in a stolen car, leaving the owner of the car lot stunned.

"I yelled to my employee he stole the truck he stole the truck," said Charles McClusky, owner of United Motors.

McClusky has been selling used vehicles for nearly a decade and says he has never had anyone come to his lot and steal a vehicle until this June.

FOX 2: "You think because you are trusting of the community that the guy took advantage of you?"

"Possibly," said McClusky said.

The car thief caught on surveillance video.

On video you see McClusky hand the suspect a key after he told Charles he only wanted to start the blue 2005 GMC Sierra.

But once the suspect gets inside the vehicle, he puts his foot to the gas pedal and speeds off.

McClusky went searching for him but the search came up empty.

"I was looking up every road and ran out of gas," he said.

McClusky says his insurance company does not require him to take a driver's license from someone only requesting to start a vehicle. But he says he may have to reconsider how he conducts his business.

"No one is allowed to start a car by themselves," McClusky said, adding he plans to be more careful from now on.

McClusky is hoping a cash reward will motivate someone to turn this suspect in.

"Someone knows him," McClusky said. "We're offering a cash reward of $500."

If you have any information regarding him or the whereabouts of the vehicle contact the Oakland County Sheriff's Office at (248) 858-4911