Man steals Lotto tickets and crashes into police car after fleeing

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At first the owner of Westland Party Store thought the man who entered his store was just another customer.

"He went and stood next to the Lotto case and as I was helping the other customer, next I saw he was running out the door," said Tony, the party store owner.

And in his hand was a case containing lottery tickets. The store owner says he tried to stop the suspect. But he quickly got into a running vehicle and left the scene.

But when the owner called 911, he found out police were already looking for the suspect.

"He attempted to do that same thing about 15 minutes prior in Garden City but was not successful," said Sgt. Robert Wilkie, Westland police.

When the suspect fled the party store, he was spotted by Westland police who tried to pull him over, but the suspect refused to stop.

"The driver refused to stop and led the officers on a pursuit that ended up in the city of Detroit," Wilkie said.

Angela Lockett saw the chase in her neighborhood.

"I'm still nervous, I am still shaking," she said. "I couldn't get in house fast enough."

The suspect ended up colliding with a Detroit police car, ending the chase.

"Initial reports is that officer is okay," said Wilkie.

The suspect was apprehended and taken into custody. Investigators say he is a 31-year-old resident from Redford Township and he could face a number of charges.

"Minimally we'll be changing him with felony larceny and fleeing and eluding," Wilkie said.

And what prompted this crime is also part of the investigation.

"We are not completely sure but believe drugs could be a factor," Wilkie said.

"I'm really grateful by quick response of police and that nothing happened here," Lockett said.