Man suing Madison Heights police has home raided by FBI

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FBI agents searched a home in Madison Heights and neighbors say they watched a homeowner taken away in handcuffs.

The man in custody recently filed a lawsuit against the Madison Heights Police Department.

The raid this happened at a residence on Hampden Street Monday morning.

"The FBI served a searched warrant, its law enforcement related," said Madison Heights Police Chief Corey Haines.

"It just makes you wonder what it is they might be searching for," said a concerned neighbor.

The neighbor, who wants her identity concealed, says this is not the first time she's witnessed police activity at the man's home.

"This is the fourth time I've witnessed in the last few years that they've come out and arrested the homeowner, searched the house and seized property," he said.

The FBI has not released any details regarding the raid but police say previous raids at this home are primarily a result of code violations.

"We have been here multiple times over the past couple of years," Haines said. "A lot of it stems from just the yard not being kept up and the home not being kept up and not getting the homeowner to cooperate with law enforcement and/or code enforcement team."

Earlier this year the homeowner filed a lawsuit against the city of Madison Heights, Chief Corey Haines and other members of the Madison Heights Police Department.

The resident says he was arrested in 2014 in front of his home for an alleged failure to appear in district court for a zoning issue.

In the lawsuit the homeowner alleges because of his status as a combat veteran, police used tactics like those used in a combat zone. The resident believes the tactics resulted in officers using excessive force which caused him severe neurological and spinal injuries.

"I am not aware of any lawsuit, we have not been informed of any lawsuit by anyone," Haines said.

A court summons regarding the lawsuit was issued on June 8th. But when Fox 2 contacted the city attorney's office they also said they were unaware of any lawsuit

Several years ago, the homeowner started a GoFundMe to raise money to get his life back on track. A life he says was ruined by unfair treatment by the Madison Height's Police's Department.

Neighbors say the resident saw himself as a victim.

"According to him it was never his fault," the neighbor said. "Police have some kind of dislike for him so they are out to get him basically."