Man who faced deportation reunited with family, talks about ordeal

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He was detained nearly a month but a local immigrant and father of four is now a free man.

You may remember us telling you about Yousef Ajin a Jordanian citizen and a legal permanent US resident who has lived here for about 18 years.  He was arrested January 30 during a routine immigration check-in and given questionable explanations as to why.

He was told was detained because of a shoplifting conviction in 2003 and using a stolen credit card in 2001.

He pled guilty and served probation for both crimes and has committed no crimes since. The 48-year-old was facing deportation while in custody but on Tuesday a judge granted him a waiver to set him free citing "suffering and extreme hardship to the family."

He was released from the Calhoun county jail this morning to the great joy of many in the community.

"Thanks to everyone who supported my family," Ajin said. "Especially the mayor, my attorney ... and anybody who supported my family when I (wasn't) there. I am very happy back (with) my family."

"It is a relief to have him back with his family and kids," said Siham Omar, Ajin's wife. "

Ajin has four children between the ages of 12-16, one with serious special needs; wife was forced to spend 12 hours a day working while he was gone.

FOX 2: "What's next for the family, and is there any possibility Ajin could still face deportation?

"The future is unclear and the family kept their thank you’s to the media short today, and did not comment at all on the legality of the process. There is obviously some concern that they could still face some problems.”