Man who threatened Oakland Co. judge faces up to 20 years

A man facing charges for allegedly threatening an Oakland County judge said very little in court on Thursday.

Anthony Brodie, 24, appeared for the first time before a judge on the charges of threatening another judge. He faces up to 20 years in prison for what he allegedly threatened to do to Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca.

"You did threaten to commit an act of terrorism and did communicate said threat to another person," said 50th District Court Judge Ronda Fowlkes Gross during the hearing.

Police say he told a friend he reconnected with on social media that he would kill Gorcyca and blow up the 6th Circuit Court building.

It stems from a child custody case in which Brodie believed he would be treated unfairly.

Brodie allegedly said he was willing to go to war and even started researching Timothy McVeigh's actions in relation to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Prosecutors pushed for a high bond, which was granted, along with some stiff restrictions he must abide by should he post the $500,000 necessary to get out of jail.

"No firearms, no weapons, no contact with the Honorable Judge Gorcyca. You shall obtain a GPS (tether) prior to release. You're not to return to the 6th Circuit Court unless there for your formal proceedings regarding any formal charges," Fowlkes Gross said to Brodie during the hearing.

Police have said that they did search Brodie's home and did find potential evidence, but have not said what that evidence is.

His next court date is set for Oct. 6.