Manhunt continues for gunmen in murder of auto store owner

The manhunt continues for two masked men accused of murdering the man who owned a west side Detroit auto parts store.

Other businesses in the area are being vigilant until the suspects are caught.  

"It's terrible, it is literally within feet of my home," said resident Ciara Donelson.

Monday in broad daylight two masked men with guns broke into the used auto part store demanding money from the 57-year-old owner.

He handed over a bag of cash, then he was shot and killed in front of his adult son. 

"It's devastating," said Donelson. "Because now you can't have your kids out there because you never know what type of situation people are getting into. It is terrible." 

Ciara Donelson lives off Coyle Street where the murder happened. These homes share the street with auto related businesses. She says the small industrial area is always busy.

"The robber was someone that knew him," she said. 

Detroit police released images of the men, but investigators can't confirm who they are or if they did know the owner. They are still on the loose. 

"It's tragic, it's not the way life should be," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Craig says a crime like this one touches everyone in the community - especially the business owners. 

"This man was a hard working business man, he is the victim of a robbery that goes bad - it shouldn't happen," he said. "(I'm) fed up, I know the community is fed up."

Craig said armed robberies in the city are actually down - 131 fewer than this time last year - but added that's still not good enough.

"It's these type of incidents that remind us we are too violent," he said.