MAP: The most dangerous stretches of I-75 in Michigan

An analysis of crash statistics from 2016 to 2020 found the 10 most dangerous stretches of I-75 in Michigan.

Michigan Auto Law noted that the top 10 most dangerous areas of the freeway are all in Wayne and Oakland counties.

MAP: Michigan's most dangerous intersections

Most crashes happen between 3-6 p.m. The overall number of crashes decreased last year, but the number of crashes that were fatal went up.

  1. Southbound I-75 Between 12 Mile Rd And 12 Mile Rd Entrance Ramp, Madison Heights, 245 Total Crashes, 71 Injuries
  2. Southbound I-75 Between Maple Rd And Rochester Rd, Troy, 196 Total Crashes, 58 Injuries
  3. Southbound I-75 Between 14 Mile Exit Ramp And 14 Mile Road, Madison Heights, 176 Total Crashes, 46 Injuries
  4. Northbound I-75 Between 9 Mile And Woodward Heights Blvd, Hazel Park, 161 Total Crashes, 43 Injuries
  5. Northbound I-75 Between Warren Ramp And Warren Ave, Detroit, 153 Total Crashes, 57 Injuries
  6. Northbound I-75 Between 7 Mile Ramp And 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, 151 Total Crashes, 46 Injuries
  7. Northbound I-75 Between Lapeer Rd And N I 75/s I 75 Ramp, Auburn Hills, 151 Total Crashes, 27 Injuries
  8. Southbound I-75 Between  Maple Rd And 14 Mile Ramp, Troy, 146 Total Crashes, 30 Injuries
  9. Northbound I-75 Between Woodward Heights Blvd And I-696 Ramp, Hazel Park, 145 Total Crashes, 49 Injuries
  10. Northbound I-75 Between 11 Mile Ramp And 11 Mile Rd, Royal Oak, 143 Total Crashes, 53 Injuries