Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum owner vows arcade will live on, despite demolition

Despite having plenty of fortune tellers around — the future is uncertain for Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, as it’s set to be demolished.

It’s been a staple in Farmington Hills for 43 years, but there is hope that the attraction could find a new home.

"It hurts, because it’s taken a long time to make this place look like it does," said Jeremy Yagoda, who works at Marvin’s. "We’ve made so many memories here."

Yagoda’s dad was Marvin himself. The arcade has been packed through the years with antique games and gizmos, pinball, popcorn and fun.

There's plenty of fun and games to be had, but now Marvin’s Museum is undergoing a trial of its own.

The Farmington Hills City Council voted unanimously to approve a new development plan for Hunters Square, where Marvin’s is located.

It will include a new Meijer and major businesses — good for the city — not so much Marvin’s.

Jeremy is hoping he can stay a tenant in the new development.

"They say they want to keep me around but they haven’t been willing to give me any offers," he said.

Jeremy says, the mayor and city council have been supportive of his arcade — but at the end of the day — their hands are tied.

"I know as council that we can’t get involved in landlord-tenant issues," said Mayor Theresa Rich. "Our attorney here is shuddering (like) 'What is she going to say next.' But really to the extent that something could be worked out, wouldnt that be lovely for everyone?"

If it’s not in the cards — Yagoda will work to keep his dad’s legacy alive — somewhere else.

"I have no desire to go away," he said. "We are going to try to work something out with our current landlord. Maybe we could try to find a place within here they will offer us. If not, I’m going to move. I've got to keep this going. It’s fun."