Masked thieves use truck to smash, ransack stores

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Using a pick-up truck to smash their way in, some thieves caused at least $15,000 worth of damage to a store on Detroit's east side.

The folks with Detroit's People Pharmacy on Schaefer say this is the fifth time they've been broken into in three and a half years and this one is the worst.

Surveillance cameras captured crooks just after 5 a.m., ramming an older white pickup truck into the front of the store. Two men are seen getting out as another man is spotted rolling up in an SUV. The men nabbed about $100 in cash and some random meds.

"Just a little cough syrup and some medicine they don't need - medicine for psych patients," said owner Tony Akande.

All of that was worth about $5,000. Employees are grateful for cameras, handing the video over to police, who they say, arrived quickly.

"To be candid, this is the first time I see Detroit police respond to incidents like this," Akande said.

While the shameless thieves didn't get away with a whole lot, fixing the store front and the gate will cost about $15,000.

"For what, some damn cough syrup," Akande said.

It looks like People Pharmacy was the first stop for these thieves. A similar truck was seen slamming into a party store on Eight Mile an hour later. Three men were seen swiping top shelf liquor, a safe and registers.

"Everyone is asleep but they're out destroying properties," Akande said.

Just a half hour later, around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, the front of Star Buds Marijuana Dispensary also on 8 Mile was destroyed. Thieves got inside, then got away.