MDOT construction projects underway at I-75, Davison on Detroit's east side

It will take a little longer to get around on i-75 over the next few months with a big construction project underway on Detroit's east side.

Orange barrel season is here, with the Davison and I-75 interchange the focal point being 12 bridges scheduled for repairs in the area.

"We are doing everything we can to ensure that we are making travel safe," said Rob Morosi, MDOT.

On Wednesday morning crews started the massive project to fix bridges from Davison to Seven Mile Road.

"These are structural repairs that again, are needed because we are looking at a section of freeway that was opened up in 1969," Morosi said. "A lot of these bridges have not been replaced, and they need the attention."

Repairs are essential in order to keep the bridges in safe working order before the damage is too extensive and they need to be replaced.

Morosi said the emphasis will be if you are driving eastbound on Davison, toward I-75.

"That is a bridge that we are going to remove and replace the driving surface," he said. "Also the westbound from Davison Avenue to south I-75  is another bridge that really needs attention."

For now, I-75 north from south of the Davison to Eight Mile will be down to two lanes.

Morosi wants the public to remember to slow down and be careful when driving through construction zones.

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